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You Wish You Were This Witty

You hate everyone and everything around you

kick it out
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You are not wanted here unless you are part of the most excellent band EVER to exist in this plain of existance. If not, you are probably a jock or some one that smells very bad. We advise you to follow around a person who is very beautiful whenever you decide to participate in any sort of social gathering, it will not matter much that you are the ugliest and smelliest little prick around because they'll think you arrived and will leave the party with said Pamela Anderson look-a-like.

EXTRA STUFF: Tell people to conform to the stereotype; it fucking rains like piss buckets, think of investing on realestate; marijuana grow-ops aren't rare in these here parts; rice-rockets abound; hang around Tom Lee and fear music store operators, they are FREAKING bitter their band didn't get signed and that they're too old;....and Dying Breed kicks your ass.

said maintainer

P.S. We're closset All-American Rejects fans.
P.P.S. We're also die-hard Carnations fans. One of us has "your love comes in waves" tattooed into their forearm. Recognize.


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